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Women Moving Millions
T: 212-260-4891
Based in the United States
Additional Contacts:
: 212-260-4891
: 212-337-3343

Women Moving Millions


WOMEN MOVING MILLIONS is a community of individuals who have made gifts and pledges of one million or more to organizations / initiatives promoting the advancement and empowerment of women and girls. We believe that women and girls are the single best investment towards creating healthy societies, economic growth, and global stabilization. What is good for women is good for everyone.

WOMEN MOVING MILLIONS is composed of women (and a few good men) whose mission is to strengthen the women's movement by inviting women into their power, raising their voices through their resources, and strengthening and extending their vision through their values and actions. We wish to become a thread that runs through projects for women to inspire giving at the million dollar level.

WOMEN MOVING MILLIONS is committed to funding systemic change and building a peaceful and equitable world. Through our activism and our collaboration with others who share our values, we will change history. Our vision is a world in which women can walk safely and thrive at their fullest potential.

WE BELIEVE strongly in the value of a woman's perspective and her experience. When women enjoy equity and equality it increases their stature, amplifies their voice and increases their impact upon the community and beyond. Gender equality leads to positive changes in the world. Women Moving Millions members believe that women and men working together, sharing leadership, opportunities and responsibilities, will generate security and sustainable peace through justice.

WE BRING our innovation, intuition, creativity, strategic thinking, financial resources and our networks to the deployment of our philanthropic intention. Leveraging our synergies, collaborating our networks and developing creative partnerships are the key to our efficiency. Our passion and the love we bring to each other and to ourselves is the key to our energy.

WE SUPPORT systemic solutions which produce seismic change and sustainable progress for women and girls, especially those who have the least access to resources and opportunities. To accomplish this we focus on human rights, economic security, education, safety, health, and leadership.

WE PROMOTE women and men working side by side towards justice, respect, compassion and mutual accountability.


In 2005, while documenting the historicity of visionary donors pledging a million dollars or more to women and girls, Helen LaKelly Hunt received an important call. Her sister, Ambassador Swanee Hunt, made a grand financial pledge for Helen's use to "raise the bar on women's giving." To Swanee's pledge, Helen added one of her own, and this spark capital catalyzed a major global funding initiative Women Moving Millions.

WOMEN MOVING MILLIONS created a global contagion of committed, purposeful individuals making unprecedented gifts of $1 million or more for the advancement of women and girls. Raising funds as well as their voices, this concept inspired other donors to join with them toward amplifying the voices of women worldwide. Phase I of the Women Moving Millions initiative (April 2007 to April 2009) was launched in partnership with the Women's Funding Network (WFN) and history was made as $182 million was pledged by 102 donors to 41 WFN member funds.

Since 2007, Women Moving Millions has inspired bold levels of giving, creating a new culture in breakthrough philanthropy. To date over 180 donors have pledged $260 million plus to organizations and initiatives of their choosing that share WMM's commitment to the advancement of women and girls throughout the world.

Women Moving Millions became a 501(c)(3) independent tax exempt entity and public charity in June, 2011.

WMM is a diverse community of extraordinary individuals committed to funding the advancement of women and girls around the globe. Members are passionately committed to mobilizing unprecedented resources and donate at levels of $1million or more, in the process sparking a larger movement of trailblazing philanthropists working to enhance the potential of half the world's citizens.

What Makes Us Different:

WMM's main objectives are to significantly increase funding and new gifts that support the advancement of women and girls and to grow a strong and committed community of diverse donor leaders around the globe. Our work brings attention to the fact that so little funding goes to support women and girls relative to their need, and serves as a call to action for all - in particular to individuals who have the capacity to give big and bold.

We measure success primarily by the continued growth of our membership. We ask members to make a pledge to the organizations they care about, and when asked will help members identify compatible groups working in issue areas that reflect their interests and passions. Everything we do is ultimately in partnership with the organizations that receive the member gift, and our hope is that they - and other countless programs working on behalf of women and girls - will see us as an incredible resource in their journey.

Members tell us that being part of our community has a tremendously positive impact on their philanthropy: We inspire each other. We encourage each other. We learn from each other. When we become stronger in our commitment we are better able, through peer-to-peer cultivation, to encourage others to be the same. Ultimately people support people, and our members become incredible spokespeople and advocates for their grantee partners.

We encourage our members to monitor the impact of their philanthropic investments in women and girls as they would any other investment, thereby encouraging accountability from the organizations that they support. As an organization, our primary metric is pledges made, but our larger impact is the stories of what those dollars, inspired by WMM, are doing in the world across an array of regions and issue areas. Our new website, coming soon, will be filled with those stories. We can't wait to share them.

More info:

Members pledge to give $1M directly to organizations or initiatives that work to advance women and girls.

Inspirational Stories:

Women Moving Millions has inspired over $260 million in commitments toward the advancement of women and girls. Our community currently has over 180 members.


Success Stories:

"Making my million dollar gift was like jumping off a cliff and then finding out you can fly."

– Jodie Evans

"I aspire to be the most effective agent of change I can be, and being a part of WMM has made a world of difference. We gather, we share, we learn,we do."

– Jacki Zehner

"Women Moving Millions has reached out and wrapped its generous arms around all of us and made our giving into a community of giving, into a movement. We are suddenly trailblazers in a movement, and that feels very important. It adds another layer of meaning to my giving."

– Joy Mankoff

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