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How to Explore Your Matches

Now that you have found your survey results and have found several Giving Communities that might match your interests, here are some suggestions for next steps:

  • Visit the Donor Resources page for websites and reading materials about giving and philanthropy
  • Explore the Getting Started in Philanthropy page to help you get started exploring your giving
  • Browse the websites of the Giving Communities that were recommended to you, and maybe a few others, to see if they may also be of interest
    • See what types of events they offer and what kind of projects they support.
      (Not all Giving Communities engage in pooled funding)
    • Reach out to the contact person and find out more
      (Keep in mind many are very small organizations and operated by volunteers)
    • Ask to speak with a current member
Once you find a community that seems like a good fit for you:
  • Jump in and get involved!
    • Attend their social events, teleconferences and any educational workshops they may offer
    • Join the grant making and other committees, if they have them
  • Visit the Bolder Giving website and browse our library of extraordinary givers – people who have given anywhere from 20 to 90% of their income, assets, or business profits – and who embody our "give more, risk more, inspire more" qualities.
  • Let us know about other Bold Givers that should be featured (please contact )
  • Share your stories with us at so that others may become inspired by your giving
  • Most importantly, enjoy your philanthropy!
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