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About Bolder Giving and Giving Communities

Bolder Giving is a national nonprofit that inspires and supports people to give at their full lifetime potential toward a just and sustainable world. We seek nothing less than to transform our collective culture of giving and expand philanthropy dramatically.

We do this by collecting and sharing the inspirational stories of people who give way beyond the norm, and by offering tools that help people step up to our motto of "give more, risk more, and inspire more." We celebrate outrageous generosity, and offer encouragement to those who want to be enthusiastic givers.

Giving Communities is a resource developed by Bolder Giving to help you find communities of donors with whom you share common interests and values.

Why would I join a Giving Community?

  • Connect with others who want to use their money and talents to make a better world
  • Discuss issues around money and philanthropy with your peers – conversations you may not be able to have elsewhere
  • Meet people who inspire and mentor you
  • Gain knowledge, skills, confidence and momentum in your philanthropy
  • Experience the increased impact of collective action
  • Form life-long friendships
  • Grow more quickly from a socially conscious person into an "inspired giver or philanthropist"
  • Potentially pool financial resources for leveraged collaborative grantmaking

If you are new to philanthropy or would like to see which Giving Communities might be a good match for you, please take the brief survey and browse the Giving Communities profiled here.

Additionally, here's a great place to get started and explore your giving:
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