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What is a Giving Community?

A Giving Community is a peer network of donors generally formed around some shared identity or interest. Giving Communities offer members opportunities for education, community building and peer support. Because of the power dynamics and norms of silence about money, many donors report feeling isolated and alone as they consider their philanthropy – a Giving Community offers a space for donors to move past this isolation and find the support and learning that will help them become engaged and effective givers.
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Why join a Giving Community

Donors join Giving Communities for many reasons – to meet peers to talk with about giving, to learn more about giving strategies and opportunities, to find a supportive community to help them tackle challenging questions and experiences, and more. If you’re new to philanthropy or are an active donor and wish you had people to talk to and learn from, to give and explore with, then we hope you’ll explore the Giving Communities profiled here to find the one that’s a match for you.

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