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Wealth & Giving Forum
Glen Macdonald, Founder and President
T: 908-510-5310
Based in the United States

Wealth & Giving Forum


The Wealth & Giving Forum was founded in 2003 to promote greater generosity among individuals and families of significant means and to make more resources available for good causes. It provides unique opportunities to exchange ideas among families who are dedicated to making intelligent decisions about their philanthropy. The Wealth & Giving Forum is for experienced donors who seek to accelerate and optimize their own giving, and for emerging donors who wish to embark on the noble journey of using their wealth to make a difference.


The Wealth & Giving Forum was founded in 2003 with the belief that:

  • Individuals and families “under give” relative to their true capacity and aspirations
  • Practicing and emerging philanthropists are an untapped source of wisdom and insight on wealth allocation decision-making, finding a purpose for one’s wealth, and practicing philanthropy effectively
  • Gatherings that are safe, intimate and inspiring afford individuals the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and will encourage greater and more effective giving.
What Makes Us Different:

The Wealth & Giving Forum provides opportunities for discourse and refection on generosity in safe and non-solicitous environments. The Forum prides itself on unique intimate gatherings that afford guests meaningful and impactful exchanges with their peers. The “networking value” and relationship building has been characterized by our members as extraordinary. Well over half of the participants at our programs have significantly changed the amount of their giving and / or the way they approached their personal philanthropy. The Forum is steadfastly apolitical and neutral with respect to the choices of our members and program participants. We believe that each individual should discern for themselves the amount, direction and timing of their giving and the manner in which they choose to make a difference.

Inspirational Stories:

"After the Forum program, I realized that it will be individuals and families like the ones in the room who, through focused and concentrated private support, are going to inspire large organizations and governments to action. I'd been undervaluing an essential component for what is needed to end extreme poverty: private philanthropy."

– Jeffrey D. Sachs, New York, NY

"As a result of my attendance at the Wealth & Giving Forum, I have started a conversation with my family about much better ways to incorporate philanthropy into our overall family financial, human capital and education plans. I am really excited by the conversations and examples I experienced at the conference."

– Nathan Otto, Boulder, CO

"You are to be congratulated for bringing to life the noble concept and work of the Wealth & Giving Forum."

– His Excellency Vaclav Havel, Prague, Czech Republic

"I am still basking in the extraordinary experience and, indeed, the privilege of attending the Wealth & Giving Forum... in a lifetime of attending conferences, I have never attended one with more substance, impact and relevance to the participants assembled."

– Charles C. Bergman, New York, NY

"It was truly a special weekend filled with an eclectic group of people whose primary objective was to make the world a better place. What an amazing and powerful step in gathering everyone together for such an unbelievable 'Think Tank.' "

– Michael Rouse, Bryn Mawr, PA

Success Stories:
  • As a result of W&GF programs, participants have collectively added over $100 million in new giving.
  • Through W&GF gatherings, Scott Harrison, founder of charity:water met Philip Berber, Co-Chair of A Glimmer of Hope. The organizations formed a partnership that raised $10 million to bring clean water wells to Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.
  • The W&GF has brought its philanthropy content and programming to President Havel's Forum 2000 conferences in Prague, Forbes family wealth conferences, Barron's Penta magazine annual philanthropy features, and Tocqueville Foundation's initiatives to promote philanthropy in France.

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