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Threshold Foundation
T: 415-561-6300
Based in the United States
Chapters throughout the United States
Additional Contacts:
: 415-561-6341

Threshold Foundation


Threshold is a progressive foundation and a community of individuals united through wealth, who mobilize money, people and power to create a more just, joyful and sustainable world.


Threshold's first gathering was called in 1981 by Josh Mailman. Josh was in his twenties at the time and had recently inherited considerable wealth. He hoped to create a support organization and a dynamic forum for people with significant financial means. He imagined periodic gatherings of friends, who enjoyed being together, who were interested in progressive social change, who dared to speak openly about their money and privilege, and who were united by a core humanistic or spiritual belief in the inter-connectedness of all life.

What began as a small group of wealthy activists engaging in an open inquiry about how best to be of service, evolved over the years into a fusion of philanthropic institute, family, and long-running "moveable feast" of shared work and experience.

Threshold today has two integrally linked components:

A community network of 250+ individuals and a progressive grant-making foundation. Threshold members and former members may be found on the boards of many of the nation's most important social change and environmental non-profits, at the helm of major socially responsible companies, leading many family foundations and in the centers of spiritual and human potential study throughout the world. Threshold has served as a quiet catalyst to the social change movement, by seeding thousands of non-profits and by supporting the evolution of many sister donor organizations and socially responsible business networks throughout the world.

What Makes Us Different:

Agendas at the biannual meetings include a combination of philanthropic work, personal sharing, organizational business, guest speakers, music, movement, ceremony and fun. We have observed that social change flows from personal growth. We examine our inner lives and social responsibility simultaneously.

Our meetings are less like formal conferences, more like ongoing experiments, with constantly changing areas of interest and inquiry. Threshold meetings are kept purposefully intimate, and are open only to members, prospective members and invited guest speakers. Organizational decisions are made as much as possible by consensus, with high value placed on hearing all voices and respecting all views.

The content of our meetings and the list of participants are kept strictly confidential.

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