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Rachel's Network
Thu Pham, President and CEO
T: 202-659-0846
Based in the United States
Additional Contacts:

Rachel's Network


Rachel's Network's mission is to promote women as impassioned leaders and agents of change dedicated to the stewardship of the earth.


Named to honor the vision and audacity of Rachel Carson, Rachel’s Network is a vibrant community of advocates, change-makers, funders, and philanthropists who share a commitment to empowering women leaders and advancing a more sustainable future.We’ve created nonprofits, foundations and businesses, written legislation, produced films, and serve on the boards of some of the most important environmental groups in the country.

What Makes Us Different:

We are the only organization that effects change at the intersection of the environment, women's leadership, and philanthropy.

We support a diverse range of causes – from sustainable, local food systems, to fossil fuel divestment, to animal welfare and beyond – and draw on a range of professional experiences. We help each other think more strategically, share our expertise, support one another, and invest in lasting solutions. Our community forges lasting friendships and alliances with like-minded women.


Inspirational Stories:

“Rachel’s Network introduced me to high level women that I would not have met elsewhere, introduced me to projects that I later supported, gave me the administrative support to branch out, and provided a supportive community for my efforts.”

“Rachel’s Network members are serious about their commitments to helping environmental causes; interested in the world around them; aware of the power and influence of women; and active in making the world a better place.”

Success Stories:

Whether we are pressing for policy changes on Capitol Hill or starting and funding sustainable businesses and nonprofits, we invest our time and resources in solutions for a more sustainable future. Here are some of our recent success stories:

1. Created a Fellowship to Support Women Innovators. Through our partnership with Ashoka, we provide a three-year stipend to a visionary woman, and helps build a pipeline of women leaders and environmental entrepreneurs.

2. Recruited Women for Public Office. Our collaboration with The 2012 Project helped recruit women from fields largely underrepresented within policymaking bodies – including health, science and technology, energy, and the environment. Efforts like The 2012 Project contributed to a record-setting year for women’s participation in races for the U.S. House and Senate.

3. Produced an Investigative Report on Toxic Chemicals. In collaboration with Earth Focus, we produced a special investigative report, “UNSAFE: The Truth Behind Everyday Chemicals” to advance the conversation about toxic chemicals in America. The program was broadcast on LinkTV and KCET starting in January 2014, reaching thousands of viewers on television and online.

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