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T: 206-242-9465
Based in the United States
Additional Contacts:
: 206-242-9465



Pangea informs and engages members in supporting the efforts of grassroots organizations in the developing world to solve social, economic and environmental issues, through financial assistance, on-going partnerships and site visits.


In the weeks following the attacks of September 11, 2001, a small group from Seattle began a series of conversations to try to understand what had happened. They wanted to know what they, as individuals, could do to promote more direct and positive international engagement at a community level. None of the charitable organizations they were supporting seemed right for this level of engagement, so over the next year, they developed an idea for a new and different kind of international organization.

From its founding, Pangea has been a community of like-minded individuals whose members learn together and pool their resources to reach out to people struggling to improve their lives in other parts of the world. Originally called World Venture Partners, we changed our name in 2005 to Pangea, to symbolize our desire to bring the world's peoples closer together. Pangea is the name given the supercontinent when all the world's land masses were unified.

Pangea started with five founding members and grew by word-of-mouth to its current membership of 55. Since 2003, we have partnered with 39 grassroots organizations in 9 countries and awarded grants totaling $728,461.

Inspirational Stories:

For several years we supported training for women's groups in biointensive agriculture around Kitale, Kenya. Our partner then wanted to form a women's cooperative to aggregate and market the excess product from seven village women's groups. Two Pangea members conducted a three day leadership development workshop to help the women in the formative stages of organization. Pangea has been providing grant support for three years as the project as evolved in design and grown in numbers. This year we are helping them build a regional storage and training center where maize and beans will be gathered, screened for quality, and sold to the World Food Program and other large markets. This has dramatically increased income for over 150 women who are members of the cooperative.

Success Stories:

1. Over 20 of our members participated in a workshop on "Grantmaking with a Gender Lens" along with two of our international partners. This resulted in creating guidelines for encourage gender diversification in the activities of our grant partners, and a greater focus on supporting projects that focus on women and girls development needs and opportunities.

2. We have been a sponsor and instrumental member of the planning committee of the Pacific Northwest Global Donors Conference over the past four years. This annual conference brings in philanthropic leaders from around the country to address both issue and practice area. It is a partnership that includes the B & M Gates Foundation, the Seattle International Foundation, Microsoft, the World Affairs Council and other family foundations in our area. Pangea members are the largest group of organnization participants at the conference.

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