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New England International Donors (NEID)
Sarah Young, Program Assistant
T: 617-338-2694
Based in the United States

New England International Donors (NEID)


New England International Donors (NEID) is an affinity group for donors, grantmakers, social investors, and those who advise them, who give - or are looking to give - internationally. NEID brings donors together to enhance the quality and quantity of international philanthropy originating from New England. Through strategic networking, educational opportunities and information sharing we aim to spark donor action and collaboration.


NEID emerged in 2009 as a network for individual donors committed to international causes who felt isolated and disconnected in their giving. They needed a community that could not only provide a means to connect with other international donors, but also with experts who could provide knowledge and insight on questions around international philanthropy.

In 2011, NEID expanded its capacity, moved to a membership model, and became professionally staffed by The Philanthropic Initiative's Center for Global Philanthropy, an independent 501(c)3 organization. NEID brings together philanthropists, advisors, experts, and innovators to foster a community of informed and engaged international donors in the New England region.

NEID's work raises awareness on a wide variety of international issues but, more importantly, provides a forum for exchange to improve the quality and effectiveness of international giving. It developed as a coordinated and direct response to the unfulfilled opportunity for engagement and offers individuals the chance to become a part of a larger donor community devoted to international causes.

What Makes Us Different:

NEID is a resource for donors seeking to make a difference in the world. By connecting global donors in New England to issues, experts, effective strategies, and each other NEID aims to encourage, inform, and enhance their international giving.

NEID is committed to its members and will:

*Engage them in an environment of sharing and learning

*Serve as a resource for them and work to address unmet needs

*Foster innovation within New England's international philanthropic community

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