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Grand Street - A Giving Community Founded by 21/64
T: 212-931-0129
Based in the United States
Additional Contacts:
: 212-931-0129
: 212-931-0109
: 202-779-0609

Grand Street - A Giving Community Founded by 21/64


The goals of Grand Street are as follows:

  • To build a network of young Jews in similar positions of philanthropic responsibility.
  • To create a space where members can find personal development in the philanthropic realm with their peers and outside of their family foundations.
  • To invite participants to ask their own questions.
  • To develop their Jewish analysis and capacity for strategic thinking.


Against a backdrop of a generational wealth transfer and changing dynamics in the American Jewish community, Grand Street is a place where young Jews (18-28 years old) who are involved or will be involved as leaders in their family's philanthropy come together. Grand Street began in 2002 with twelve people meeting for a weekend to ask their own questions, to develop a Jewish philanthropic analysis and capacity for strategic thinking, to create a space where they can find personal development, and where they can build a network of their peers in similar positions of philanthropic responsibility. A new cohort of ten individuals is added each year.

What Makes Us Different:

Some participants are in college or have recently graduated; some have assumed roles within their family's foundations; yet many are just aware of those imminent responsibilities. All of them feel alone in being young and associated with philanthropic wealth while not only allocating - or planning to allocate - money but also reconciling their personal passions with their families' interests, both Jewish and universal. There are no preconceived outcomes or expectations for participation in the network, only unexpected benefits.

More info:

Grand Street members share a common background of being young and associated with philanthropic wealth, while also reconciling their personal passions with their families’ interests, both Jewish and universal. Beyond that, it is up to the each individual to determine which issues they value and potentially share with other group members. The members of the Grand Street network fund a variety of causes individually and/or through their family philanthropy.

Inspirational Stories:

Member (a) "The experience of being among peers with whom I could freely talk about issues of wealth and philanthropy - conversations that are hush-hush in all other settings - has been valuable on a number of levels. Additionally, the creativity and diversity of perspectives among participants was very stimulating and thought provoking during the weekend, and many conversations that began at the retreat are still being tossed around among us. The network effects of being part of a group of future Jewish philanthropic leaders are exciting, and I look forward to continuing involvement."

Member (b) "[Grand Street] was really special for me. I learned so much and it was so nice to meet all the participants. I thought everyone had something great to offer and we connected on this common set of issues. I feel after the gathering more comfortable speaking about my involvement in the foundation, and less hesitant about speaking in front of a group."

Success Stories:

Two successful initiatives that grew out of the collective work of Grand Street members are the Slingshot Guide and the Slingshot Fund.

The Slingshot Guide is an annual compilation of the most inspiring and innovative organizations, projects, and programs in the North American Jewish community today- since its inception it has highlighted. The resource guide is distributed to 7,500 funders, foundation professionals, federation executives, and not-for-profit leaders annually, in addition to tens of thousands of online downloads.

The Slingshot Fund is a peer giving network, designed to support Jewish organizations that resonate with the Fund members, young Jews in their 20s and 30s. Since its inception, the fund, comprised of almost 60 members, has donated over $2.1 million to 30 organizations.

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