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Giving What We Can
T: +44 7858 520063
Based in the United Kingdom
Chapters in The United States, Australia, Europe and Canada
Additional Contacts:

Giving What We Can


We believe that people in the developed world have an amazing opportunity to substantially improve the lives of countless people at the other end of the global income scale. Our members pledge to give at least 10% of their income to the organisations which can do the most good with their donations to help people in developing countries. We use evidence to identify those organisations and share our findings. By forming a global community and making public our commitment to effective giving, we can inspire others and ensure that we make a real impact on global poverty.


The society stemmed from the ideas of a moral philosopher Dr Toby Ord , who founded Giving What We Can in 2009 after four years of planning and discussion. During his studies at Oxford, Ord found out just how much he could help the world by simply donating his money: "I discovered that by donating most of my future income to the most efficient charities, I could save around 500 lives. Since I already had most of the things I value in life on my student stipend, I realised that my money would do vastly more good for others than it could for me and decided to make a commitment to donating to the most effective charities I could find. Many people contacted me asking how they could do this as well, and so I set up Giving What We Can." Giving What We Can now has hundreds of members and over $100 million dollars pledged to some of the most effective charities. This will make a huge difference to the state of global poverty.

What Makes Us Different:

The biggest difference between Giving What We Can and other giving communities is that it focuses on how you can help people the most. Its members want to do as much good as they can per dollar they donate, and so choose charities based on how effective they are in helping people. The fact that they then donate 10% of their income to these causes means that they all make a huge improvement in as many people's lives as possible. The most effective causes are up to 100s of times more effective than the average causes. Giving What We Can does extensive and detailed research into which charities are the most effective, and makes this information available to the public. The charities it has found to be most effective so far are the Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, Deworm the World and Project Healthy Children.

More info:

We're very welcoming. If anyone has questions - they can ask away. We like to be challenged on our findings and research. We also encourage people to Try Giving (choose the percentage and time period in which they donate). Some of our members, including our founders, have taken a Further Pledge (to give everything over a certain amount).

Inspirational Stories:

Our community spans software engineers to teachers to academic researchers. A nice portrait of two of our US members, Julia Wise and Jeff Kaufmann, can be seen in this Washington Post story:

Success Stories:

Since our beginnings in 2009, we have moved millions of dollars to some of the world's highest impact charities. Our members have dewormed kids, protected kids with bednets, and boosted nutrition, to have the biggest impact on as many people as possible. Together, we've saved thousands of lives.

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