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Faith and Money Network
Mike Little
T: 202-469-8512
Based in the United States

Faith and Money Network


Faith and Money Network equips people to transform their relationship with money, to live with integrity and intentionality, and to participate in creating a more equitable world. Faith and Money Network provides opportunities for women and men to explore their relationship to money from a faith perspective. We create opportunities for relationship and dialogue, as well as serve as a consistent resource as people wrestle with their individual and collective faith and money issues.

At the core of all Faith and Money Network events is the space and freedom to ask questions and attempt to find one's own answers. Our retreats, workshops, and trips provide a forum for open sharing in an atmosphere of love, trust, and confidentiality that enables people to examine their values and get in touch with feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and actions regarding money. Exploring biblical, psychological, social and economic justice, and environmental dimensions of money, we openly confront and discuss the power of money so that we might better understand its purpose and place in our lives as people of God.


Faith and Money Network began its work more than 30 years ago as Ministry of Money. Founder Don McClanen recognized the relationship between money and fear and anger, and he realized that few people addressed these problems from the perspective of their faith. As a first step, Don recruited his mission group within the Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC, to spend a year working with money. The mission group members reported becoming freer from anxiety about their financial situations and freer to use their money creatively. Based on this experience, the first Ministry of Money workshop was held in 1976. Hundreds of faith and money workshops have been held since then, providing time, community and resources for thousands of people of faith to explore their relationship with money from the roots of their spiritual beliefs and values. Pilgrimages of reverse mission began in the late 1980s, taking small groups of people to places of economic poverty from India to Palestine to Haiti to experience how some communities live in great faith though in few financial resources.

What Makes Us Different:

We do not pretend to have the answers for anyone, but do have a lot of questions to help guide a person or a community to the place of giving where they feel drawn.

Inspirational Stories:

Church Workshop Participant: "Your workshop made an immediate difference in the quality of our community conversation about how we care for, and share with others, God's gifts to us."

— Peter B.

Weekend Workshop: Money and Faith: making the connection "...the euphoria of that extraordinary weekend remains as full as it was while we were there all together. sense is that this has indeed been a transforming experience."

— Margee K. workshop participant

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