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Community Investment Network
Dr. Erin H. Moore, Executive Director
T: 800-711-1186
Based in the United States
Chapters throughout the United States
Additional Contacts:
: 303-704-5043

Community Investment Network


The Community Investment Network inspires, connects and strengthens African Americans and communities of color to leverage their collective resources to create the change THEY wish to see.


CIN began in 2004 when a small group began to educate and advocate for more people of color to "focus on the supply side of philanthropy." Historically and presently, institutional foundations provide a small percentage of their grantmaking dollars as well as staff positions and board seats to people of color. Therefore, CIN began to educate people of color about time, talent and treasure and how we come from ancestors and long traditions of philanthropy and self-help.

What Makes Us Different:

CIN recognizes that people of all races, and of all ages are capable of being philanthropists. We elevate stories of people who give whatever they can. We do not adhere to notions that the size of the checkbook is all that matters, but that concerted efforts by a small group of people can have tremendous impact on their local community.

Inspirational Stories:

See multiple testimonials here:

Success Stories:

A Legacy of Tradition helped reduce the suspension rates of students of color in Wake County (NC) schools by more than 35% by being more involved in policymaking in the school district. Birmingham Change Fund has designed a multi-year initiative to improve the STEM performance of black, middle school students throughout the Birmingham Public Schools system.

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